Bursa at a life time high!

Confused with the heading of this post ? Wondering , what crib I am talking about. Is this a new stock or what ? Never heard!

Well Guys, I am not talking about any stock , but I am talking about the Malaysian Stock Market. I was in Malaysia (KL to be precise) for last 4 days on a fun-filled visit. Though the fun was so hectic that I could not look at Indian markets, but couldn't resist my temptation to know something about the Malaysian stock markets. and guess what! Malaysian stocks are also at their life-time highs. The going is pretty good for the malaysian stocks . Genting, UMW, Lingui and BAT are few of the stocks that are rocking the malaysian markets.

The visit to Petronas Towers (the tallest building in the world) was unforgettable. Petronas is the Oil and Petroleum giant of Malaysia and is owned by the government. Also did some shopping at the Suria Mall and the China town. The dance party at KL towers was an amazing experience when you come out and realise that you were partying at such heights.

So overall a fun filled journey, thanks to my organisation. Will get back to the Indian stock markets in the coming post.


Anonymous said...

hello rajeshji,

So u njoid alot in malaysia.....nice....now rajeshji...what are ur views on the corrent indian market......can u suggest some stocks......what abt the entry level of aksh optfibre........

Rr shukla

abhishek said...

Hi rajesh,

very nice blog past 1 year i m reader of it ...

any idea on unitech ... i am watching it from 250 level ... now it has touch 500 level ... any idea to enter this time ?

Rajesh Soni said...

Shukla Ji,

L&T, dabur, Gitanjali gems, Reliance look good even in current market.

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi abhishek

Unitech is a high risk high reward proposition. So I would avoid exposure unless I am willing to risk my money at current levels.