Bucking the Trend

I was watching the sensex movement and some of the scrip who were performing against the sensex moods. The follwoing three scrips caught my attention. So just thought of sharing with all of you.

Scrip 1
Skumars Nationwide
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The stock cut acrossed the nifty index pattern and rose over 10% to end at Rs. 50. The scrip witnessed a huge jump in volumes with over 27 lac shares traded. The company's AGM is scheduled for 14th July. Leading Investment Company Goldman Scahs has bought 1 Lac shares of the company on 7th July,2006. Goldman Scahs now hold 77.38 lac shares of the company which is about 5% of Skumar's capital. Another Investment company Bear Stearns & Co. had acquired 4 Lacs shares in April,2006 and in total holds 81 Lac shares of the company. The stock is poised for good retruns over medium term. For those who are new to the blog, this stock was recommended on this blog as a turnaround story at a price of Rs.24 !! and reached a high of Rs. 72 before crashing back to mid 40's range during the recent crash.

Scrip 2
D-Link India
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The stock witnessed huge jump in volumes. 8 Lac shares were traded today against 3 months average volume of 33,000 shares. The stock was locked at upper circuit of 20%. Current market price : Rs. 83 with 52 Week high of Rs.184 and a low of Rs. 62.

Scrip 3
Polaris Software
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Another case of extraordinary volumes on the counter. The stock saw trading of over 47 lac shares against 3 months average volume of 6 lac. The stock was up 10% and closed at Rs. 83.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh
Thanks for the indepth analysis for the blog readers. I am a regular reader of your blog. I missed your earlier recommendation on Skumar. Is it still a good buy at current levels as we see that big investment companies are buying huge stake in the company ?
please advice

Anonymous said...

Polaris and delink both were up 10% even today with huge volumes. Do you think this rally in these stocks will sustain ?

Anonymous said...

Hi rajesh
Not heard from you for a long time. Where are you ?

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi manish
If you are looking at medium term, then yes.