Educomp Solutions Listing Today!

Educomp Solutions is listing today. The listing is expected to be in the range of 180-190.
Partial profit can be booked at these levels. If the stock crosses 215, investors eyeing for listing gain can sell entire holding.

Another news is that Reliance has decided to take control of Reliance Industrial Infrastructure. This has led to a spurt in the stock prices. The stock has some more steam left in it before it consolidates.

Infosys Technologies can see some recovery since its ADR posted a 1.8% rise in yesterday's sesion.

Recently listed Celebrity fashion and Bartronics will see continued action and would be good from trading perspective.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rajesh! I bought 100 Reliance Infra @329. The stock is on buyer freeze now. Shall I hold for few days ?


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh
Can we buy into celebrity fashions at current levels. Pl. advice

Anonymous said...

Hi rajesh,
i did not sell after listing.You advised to sell entire holding 215 it is around 300.What to do?

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Jaw_amo
The stock has performed dramatically. It was holding around 228 the whole day , but last half an hour showed a total change with a big buyer coming in.
However, if I were in your position I would have sold at 300. The stock has got overheated and can retract any time now. The whole market has become volatile and it's very difficult to predict very precisely. I beleive no body would have even imagined a price of 300 for this stock. So, enjoy the listing gains!!!

Anonymous said...

You are right. Traders are palying with the stocks and the poor investors will get trapped like in FCS Sofware which crossed Rs.300 just to settle back at Rs.100


Anonymous said...

I missed your tip on reliance Infra. I got to see your site a bit late, By then the stock had no sellers. WIll to try to grab it tomorrow