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Dear Visitors,
Investment Guru presents you a blog which focusses on stocks with Trading perspective.
This blog will carry trading recommendation on regular basis and follow-up on them.
The blog also covers stocks which may see action during the day, however these will not carry any target price.

As all of us know that Indian stock markets do have lot of opportunities for traders and this Blog will help traders to cpaitalise on such ooportunities. As always please use your discretion in using the trading opportunities discussed.

The idea behind creating a new blog was to differentiate trading with Investing and avoid confusion among visitors. Investment Guru Blog continues to provide you Investing Opportunities while the Trading Insight Blog provides you insight to the Trading opportunities.

The advice to visitors o the new blog would be to first keep a watch on the blog and see how the trading ideas and other info on the blog performs and once you generate a confidence and align yourself to the communication on the blog, you may decide to follow it.

Wish you happy Trading !

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Anonymous said...

Dear Rajesh,

I have hindalco shares in my icicidirect account. And now they have announced right issue for each 4 shares to 1 share at Rs97. How i can apply for the right issue. please advice me . i shall be highly greatful if you please guide me.

Rajesh Soni said...

Dear friend,
You will get the Right issue application form from the Registrar at the address mentioned in your demat account.( ALL SAHREHOLDESR ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE WILL RECEIVE THESE FORMS) You have to fill it up and deposit it as per instructions given in the application form.
The form will mention how much shares you are eligible for.
Ensure to deposit the application in time
Hope this clarifies.

Anonymous said...

When r u going to give ur pick.
Its being a long time after guj amb cem.THankyou for that pick as it is giving me good returns.
Plz give ur views abt the current ipo'
1.AIA Eng
2.Triveni Eng
3.ABG Shipyard
4.Everest Kanto
5.Repro India

Anonymous said...

Last two days I go to yr site to check trading ideas.When are you going to start daily?.
m r kale