Back to the Blog...

Dear Friends,
You must be wondering where I was for last three weeks , with no updates on the blog. I would say it was a mix of a pesonal and official work pressures which kept me away from the Blog. The blogger in me was quite eager to go back to the dashbopard and start writing , but circumstances prevailed.
However, when you see my post , you can make out that I am out of the woods now and ready to blog again with same spirits!
I thank all the visitors for their patience to see the blog not updated every time they looged on to it for last three weeks and still maintaining their faith in this journey of successful investing !

So let's take about investments and here follows my next post...

Happy Investing !!


Narendra Kumar said...

Welcome back Rajesh.
I was eagerly awaiting your return.

I have one query regarding Hindalco.
It has announced Rights Issue.
Can you please elaborate on this?
How is this helpful to investors and how will the shareholders having an account with say ICICIDirect or some other company can buy these Rights?