Sothern Online Biotech -Allotment

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Finally, the allotments have come. The listing strategy should be to sell on the listing day.The stock is expected to list in the band of Rs.14-18 on BSE which should be a decent gain for the investors on the issue price.

Happy Investing !!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

As per your article I bought NCPL now it is going down and the news is that merging with GNFC. What is the future of NCPL.

Awaiting your valuable advise.

1315472 said...

Rajesh -

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Since July the site has recorded 35,000 page views from 42 countries (including Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Australia, Thailand, etc.)

I'm a regular reader of your blog, and am impressed with your content.

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Thank you,
Shai Dardashti
Washington, DC - USA

Anonymous said...

Vishal Exort is great stock ... dont worry .. wait for a month or two ... one can also buy SQL Star or SGN Telecoms at current level... SQL Star - Target in 12 days will be 38 and SGN Telecom - Target will be 1.40 by month end. For Vishal Export Target is 8.80 in 30 to 45 days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh
How r u ? We are waiting for ur next idea and suggestion on the upcoming IPO 's .

Anonymous said...

Scrips -- Good to buy -- Short-term -- at least a month
1. GE Ship
2. Escorts
3. SQL Star
4. Vishal Exports
5. Mphasis BFL
6. SGN Telecom

Anonymous said...

Updates as on 9th Nov 2005

SQL Star and SGN Telecoms are going strong ... BOTH are 5% UP...

SQL Star -- 3000 buying orders are pending

SGN Telecoms -- 50,900 buying orders are pending

Scott said...

Hi Rajesh,
I enjoyed reading your blog, although I haven't heard too much press about the stocks you mention. Take care!

Rahul Munjal said...

SKUMIN's 4 mil bids are pending....
its shooting up like anything. No 1 is selling the stock.

Once this stock was recommended by ICICI Direct. I suppose this is the right time to enter the stock. Some1 wants 2 accumule the stock in bulk.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Soni
Are you Ok ?. We have not heard from you from Octo. 27 .Will appreciate yr comments/advice on present market.
M R Kale

Anonymous said...

Great news :
Bennett, Coleman and Co. bought 9% stake in SQL Star ... guys 25 days target is 60... good to buy

best buy ... SGN Telecoms and SQL Star ... 20% returns in 15 days

Anonymous said...

Allotment of Prithvi ifo has come. Please check the Karvy website for the allotment status

Anonymous said...

K M Sugars Allotment has come.
Please check the site for allotment status

Anonymous said...

I got 100 sahres of KM Sugars. Rajesh, could you please suggest the strategy for this

Rahul Munjal said...

Can we have some expert comments on listing strategy on KM Sugar IPO please?

What % of gains can we expect???

Anonymous said...

The stock is expected to list at Rs.80