IPO Update: Paradyne Infotech

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Paradyne infotech has entered the capital markets with a offer of 33 Lakh shares at a fixed price of Rs. 42 per share.

The object of the public offer is to expand the existing operations, product upgrades and setting up data and support center.

Paradyne is an existing profit making, dividend paying Company engaged in the business of computer software, system integration and managed services. The system integration stream contributes around 70% to the topline.
For FY05, the company posted net profit of Rs.5 crores on a turnover of Rs.69 Crores.
The EPS of the company for FY05 stood at Rs. 6.60 which translates into P/E of 6.36 at the offer price of Rs. 42

Investment Guru is of the opinion that in view of the bullish market sentiments and strong IPO listing patterns, one can consider investing in the IPO with a view to encash the listing gains.


Ankit Singhal said...

Sir, I would like to know your view about Shree Renuka Sugar, Gujarat Industries Power etc which are also hitting soon. I read your blog with great interest. You put in great effort and time. Thanks

Unknown!!! said...

Hello Rasoni, any idea about how many times is SBT(southern online bio technologies) oversubscribed and when is the allocation....and information about paradyne how many times its oversubscribed...i put 37.8k...just hoping to get atleast minimum lot...

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,

I wonder if you track any of these companies.

Carol Info
Agro tech Food
Aegis Logistics
Infosys Technology
TV Today
Tata Elxsi
Champagne Indage
Panasonic Home

I will really appreciate your valuable input for a long term investor.


Anonymous said...

i sold infosys and gail at 2610 & 280. Tata Elxsi is undervalued can buy.Bought and kept aside ntpc at 98 for long term.Other stocks not tracking. Whar r ur views Rajesh

Anonymous said...

I think Shree renuka is stiffly priced according to its industrial PE. I would go for KM Sugar mills that are offering at an attractive PE of 3-4. What are ur views Rajesh

Rajesh Soni said...

I not not yet taken any decision on the newsletter stuff. I willput an announcement on the blog when I come uop with such things. ALl those who have already sent their email address will be added automatically.

Rajesh Soni said...

Yes subu you are right that the isue is small, but then the returns are also big if you get allotment. So I would say , its worth a try.

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Sushil ,
Of the stocks mentioned by you, following are excellent buys from long term perspective :
TV Today

Anonymous said...

i have made investments in equity(on stocks with good fundamentals) for almost a lakh, a few weeks back considering that i will hold it atleast for a one year term.. How long will this bear run go and will i get decent returns on my investments..?

Rajesh said...
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Rajesh said...

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Ankit Singhal said...


I would appreciate if you could post the listing strategy on Suzlon Energy. Also, your input about IPO of KM sugar and FPO of GIPCL. I read your blog with great interest.And, also check regularly for your new posts

Anonymous said...

Please let me know information about ALPS INDUSTRIES allotment?
m r kale

Rahul Munjal said...

Dear Guru Ji...
Please update us on Gujrat Ambuja.
I bought a lot of shares @ 73 Rs and now the price fell to 63 after going to 78. The target provided was 105. Is we still eye on the same target in 6 months or should we reduce our expectations???

Rajesh Soni said...

Please dont get panicked by this fall. I would recommend you to hold your position. The last traded price was The stocks got beating yesterday due to lower than expected results from ACC and general selling pressure in the markets. For more details you can refer to my next post on markets.
Actually this is a time to slowly build long position in fundamentally good stocks and GACL is one among them.
All the best !

Anonymous said...

When Shares are going to be allocated and when it would be listed on BSE/NSE