IPO Update: Provogue IPO Oversubscribed ?

Dear Investors,
By now you must be hearing a lot about how much the Provogue IPO has oversubscribed .
You must be hearing somebody saying 19 times, other 20 times and some other forecasting it to even 40 times. So what's the real scenario and does the retail Investor need to be worried about his allotment prospects ?

Provogue IPO - Read the Fine Prints

The oversubscription talked about by people is generally confused by the Investors. It has nothing to do with their prospects for allotment. Actually your prospect for allotment depends on the oversubscription in your category. Most of us apply as individuals and under the retail category.
As per the latest indications the retail category is likely to be oversubscribed by 6-8 times.

The provogue IPO has seen huge subscription from the FII's, Mutual funds and Banks. These categories combined is likely to be oversubscribed by 25 times (indications)

So what does this means for the retail Investors ?
Is this good news or bad news ? Certainly it is good news for retail Investors if the FII and other categories get oversubscribed by a good number.
The reason being that these categories will not get sufficient allotment and will resort to buying from the markets. This will led to good listing of the IPO on the bourses.
So cheer up Investors and be lucky enough to get the allotment !

The word on the street is that the stock is going to list around 300 levels (I think I should stop here...ha ha ha !)


Anonymous said...

I certainly don't want to challenge your predictions but doesn't 300 seem to be a bit far-fetched ? 225-240 is what I am expecting.

Rahul Munjal said...

Yes Bank is a good buy. I heard reports on CNBC and read the message boards of moneycontrol.com.

They all say “Say Yes to Yes Bank”.

Also, Yes Bank had been over subscribed in initial few minutes of trading. And now, its over subscribed about 9-10 times at cut off price.

So, at least we can expect the listing gains.

There are 2-3 more factors:
with excellent mgmt n the man rana kapur this bank is gonna be a profitable venture to invest in

Yes bank has a gr8 potential to be taken over by a gud pvt bank. That will benefit the investors.

Book value is expected to be doubled to 20 after the IPO (management said this)

Already got approval for several branches all over india

What Experts say:

Expert Apply / Don't Apply

Dilip Bhat (Prabhudas Lilladher) Apply

Deven Choksey (KR Choksey) Apply

Kashyap Pujara (Sushil Finance) Apply

Sandeep Shenoy (Pioneer Intermediaries) Apply

Ashok Kumar (Lotus Knowlwealth) Apply

Hope this may benefit you.
I applied for 1050 shares of yes bank. Now let's see what's the scene...



Anonymous said...

IPo has been oversubscribed 67 times. out of which 23 times is for retail investors

Rajesh Soni said...

Reagrding anonymouus:
After you read, Sumit's comment on this post, I would say 300 is quite a low target for this stock !
All the best !

Rajesh Soni said...

Regarding Spi_spot and Rahul Manjul's comment :
I would like to appreciate Rahul's finding on the Yes Bank.
What I have put in my post is my views and evey single person has a right to differ from it and act accordingly.
But what I suggest is to look at the offerings as a whole and not singly. At the time there were 4 open IPO's. Given the current market scenario, it is very likely that any IPO may give listing gains but it is the quantum and probability that matters.

Given that there were 4 open IPO's at that time and I would have lot of money to Invest in each of the IPO, I would first allocate my money to Provogue , then to Uniply , then to Jindal Poly and at last to Yes bank.

I again thank the Invetors for their comments and encourage them to share whatever Knowledge they have on any subject so that all of us can benefit !

Happy Investing !

Anonymous said...

I also put Jindal and Yesbank in 3rd and 4th place. But given Uniply the first spot. My point is that chances allotment is very bleak in the case of Provogue. I have doubt about IPO application. If I open 2 demat accounts in the same name, can I put up 2 applications? I hope rajesh will clear my doubt!!!!!

Rahul Munjal said...

I appreciate the efforts of Rajesh for making this Blog. And i saw the way he's advertising the blog. Keep it up Rajesh and never let it be cold.
Keep solving our doubts. I cud not apply Uniply b'coz it was not there on ICICIDIRECT.com.

Please tell me how to apply for IPOs that are not included by that site.

Also, i would like to keep this thread active even when the Provogue hits the market to let us know what to do with our allotments (if we get).

And nevermind whatever anybody feels about Yes Bank. I agree with your this point. But still, keep updating about it and keep suggesting about the holdings when it hits. I applied for 900 stocks of Yes Bank. I'm hoping for the best. Please guide me for that best... he he.


Anonymous said...

Hi rahul,

wahtever ipo is not in icicidirect you can send a mail to lead

manager of that ipo...he will tell the broker name who is having that

foer..for uniply I have done it this way only..all lead manager

name you can get it from moneycontrol ipo section(http://www.moneycontrol.com/ipo/index.php) under the

Issues Open Now..I think It will be helpful to you..because low

price ipo can give you higher gain...


Rajesh Soni said...

Regarding Rahul's comment
Thanks Rahul. Advertising is a very important aspect to create visibility of a product (even if it is free! ha..ha..ha..)
Regarding your query: If any IPO is not available on ICICI or any other website , you cna contact a registrar or sub broker in securities like karvy, Imam, UTI securities which is nearest to you and get an application form and submit.

Rajesh Soni said...

regarding Equity man's comment
My apologies for delay in responding ...all visitors to this blog are equally dear to me...regardong provogue...the only way of getting allotment is to get lucky...all the best !...
I do not advice on person email's...please forgive me for that...I do not provide personalised portfolio advice at this stage...

Rajesh Soni said...

Regarding yogi's comment
Hi Yogi
Thanks for visiting the blog. I will try my best to keep this blog useful and profitable for all the visitors...

Rajesh Soni said...

Sumit;s comment :
Hi Sumit,
Thanks for the update, It's mindbogling number !

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Soni,

I have a doubt about the procedure to apply for IPO. If I open 2 demat accounts in the same name, can I put up 2 applications? I hope you will clear my doubt!!!!!



Rajesh Soni said...

Hitesh, I have already replied your question in some other post.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rajesh,

I saw your blog today and liked some of your analysis. What do you think of Steel. I have 1000 shares of Sail at around 55.5 and 1800 shares of Essar at 71 (originally 3000 at around 42.55). I making heavy losses on these, should I book stop loss and exit these counters or wait for some time.

I dont need the money and I can wait for 3-4 months also if it is advisable.

Also any comments on TCS, I have 100 shares at 1142, now the prices is around 1327. Should I sell it or hold on to it.

Best Regards
Muhammad Naqeeb
Dubai - U.A.E.
Tel: +9714 2869122
E-mail: naqeebbashir@yahoo.com