The Third Eye : Take the bull by its horns

The markets have become quite volatile with the sensex touching new highs. The sensex touched all time high of 12024 during today's session and the rally was spread across sectors. However the focus was on Cement, Constructions and IT sector stocks. The recently listed IPO's have continued the dynamic listing trends and investors may continue to put their money in IPO's.

With the bull run on the way with increased volatility, the third eye showcases some stocks that hold promise with a short as well as medium term perspective and can be played accordingly. So here you go !

Petronet LNG : The company has delivered excellent financial performance and is poised to further growth. The stock had come down from its high of Rs.72 and is currently trading at Rs. 57. The company has also approved raising of $100 Million funds through FCCB to part finance its terminal at Kochi. The third eye is visualizing some action in the stocks based on the recent developments!

Gujrarat Ambuja Exports : The company has consistently posted good results quarter over quarter and the company is on the growth track with increase in the topline. The stock price at Rs. 25 leaves scope for further appreciation.

Dabur Pharma : This is another stock which is fast moving towards leadership position in tis segment. The results have been quite encouraging and the stock is moving north to catch up the valuations.

Happy Investing!

( Disclaimer : The third eye column on the Investment Guru blog is an indicator of a possible action in the stocks discussed . It is not a recommendation to buy or sell a particular stock nor does it give any targets for these stocks. Investors are required to use their own discretion and consult their financial advisor before buying or selling into the stocks discussed in this column.)


Anonymous said...

Dear Rajesh,

Welcome Back. It's nice to see you after long time. The market is moving up day by day and it is becoming difficult to find value for a long term investor. There is still a company, Tata Tele(Mah), that has taken beating in this rising Market and I see it as a opportunity to buy it for a minimum of 2-3 year prospective. Currently it is at around Rs. 23. What is your view on Tata Tele(Mah).

Thanks again for all your advise.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh, I am holding huge quatity of NTPC and GAIL for more than a year. I bought these at around Rs. 90 and Rs. 230 respectively. Would you advice to take some profit on these companies? Thanks, Kavita.

K K SHARMA said...

Dear Sir,
I am holding 50 shares of reliance Industrial infrastructure bought at Rs.410 based on a reco on your trading insight blog. Since then the stock has jumpewd to 580. shall i book profits at these levels? pl. advice
k k sharma

naive said...

Hi ,
What is the script ID of Gujurat Ambuja Exports and where is it listed on.


Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Sushil
If you are long term investor, then yes, TTML provides a opportunity to invest at current levels.

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi kavita
NTPC is a good and fundamentally strong stock and you have bought at low levels so I would suggest that you maintain a hold on the stock.
You can dispose of gail at this stage.

Rajesh Soni said...

You can book your profits at current levels

Hi Naive
GAEL is listed on NSE. NSE symbol is GAEL.

Anonymous said...

Hi rajesh
How much fall do you anticipate from the current levels and what is the sensex target for 1 year?
Is it a good idea to buy nifty options?

Gaurav Srivastava said...

Rajesh, welcome back.

You haven't given any targets, neither time-wise nor price wise.

Since you have mentioned that some action is expected in above scrips, please advise us some targets to watch out for.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,

Thanks for yr views on Hero Honda and Satyam. I totally agree with you.

What is your current view on Gujarat Ambuja ? As per yr investment idea I entered in this script at 68 Rs and it has achieved its target of 120 Rs.

Although it has posted exceptional results many analyst(HDFC Sec.) feel that now there is no fundamental steam left in this script as they do not have any expansion plan in near future.

What do you feel? Should we book profit and enter in some other cheaper cement stock ?

Please share yr view on the same.

Thanks and Regards,

Supal Patel

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,

Can you please share your view on DSKulkarni FPO ?


Supal Patel

Narendra said...

Hello Rajesh,

Happy to see you back in action:-)
I think many people are eagerly waiting for your suggestions/tips and help.

I want to know the prospects of the following companies:
1. Suryalakshmi Cotton
2. Reliance Capital Ventures.
3. Reliance Energy Ventures.
4. Reliance Natural Resources.
5. Reliance Communications.
6. Valecha Engineering.

Can you please throw some light on these companies, whether it is good to hold or sell?


Anonymous said...

HI Rasoni,
thanks for your reply on BSEL...
my latest query is on RPL... i have got arnd 100shrs of RPL.... do u have any suggestions for me as to whether i should hold or sell at listing... i am short term investor.
also wat is the price u forsee for this stock on listing,


Shankar said...


Totally agree on Gujarat Ambuja Export. It's on a fwdPE of 12.34 which is not bad at all. The stock also has an NCAV of 4.39 which is OK. Only one concern - inadequate rise in profits over LY.

Advice buying low quantities and ramp up on declines. Stop loss at 21 rupees.

Warm Rgds,

anil said...

Hi rajesh,

I have noticed over a year that your third eye recommendations are simply great.But they give returns over a period of time.For examle in case of rajesh exports i bought the stock for 210 and then it went till 185.Still i held it tight for a long period of time when i finally sold it of when it touched back 210.And it was after a week that it flared upto 300.
Sir in this booming market we expect that you will also give us some stock ideas which are short term play.We know that there will be inherent risks associated with such kind of a reco.But then risk and reward function is a directly proportional one.Sir so please do give some recommendations for trading purpose.

Thanks and Regards.

Rajesh said...

Hi Rajesh,

Could you please recommend us some cement and reality or sugar scripts which are still undervalued ,because at this point in market these sectors are market darling.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh
Thanks for being back in action. I am awaiting for the investment Idea from you. Not seen one since this year. I had invested in your thrid eye stock reliance industrial and earned decent profits. However, it would be good if you could give targets for third eye stocks also as it will increase our comfort level while buying. You are really doing a great job!

saurabh said...

Hi rajesh,

Any ideas for what to do with the reliance petro ipo.

best regards,

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Supal
Yes, Thge GACL strock has run up from 70 levels to 120 but I feel that cement sector as a whole would continue to outperform the markets and Gujarat Ambuja would continuento hold the leadership position. The stock price increase may not be so steep going forward but I am looking at a target of 150 for this stock in short term.

Rajesh Soni said...

The stock price for DS Kulakarni is ruling quite high as compared to its issue price, so investors who get allotment should be in advantegous position as comnpared to other secondary issues.

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Narendra
ALl reliance group stocks would be a hold as of now as they are in the mid of action. I do not track surya lakshmi cotton
Valecha engineering is also a good company.

Rajesh Soni said...

hi Kurian
Reliance petroleum would be a good long term hold. However since you have mentioned that you are a short term trader , it would be a good idea to sell on listing and buy later on declines.

I am looking at a listing price of 110 for this stock.

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Anil
I think you have understood the term "The Third Eye " in correct perspective. That's why I do not give any targets or durations in my third eye column. Such stocks should be dealt by investors per their perceptions and risk taking ability.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir
What are the future prospects of lokesh machines?

Anonymous said...

Sail for target 100
RIIL for target 750
Surana tele 48
Tata Chemicals 300

Anonymous said...

can we still enter petronet lng....