Stock in News: Jet Airways

The Economic times has reported that Jet AIrways is likely to clinch the air shara deal. The merged entity would become the largest airline of India, in terms of fleet size, turnover and valuation. The merged entity will cover 50% of the domestic market and will have jumbo fleet of 90 aircrafts.

The above deal is expected to lend a helping hand to jet airways which has witnessed a fall in market share to the low cost airlines. The deal will also place Jet airways in the big league.


Anonymous said...

Hello Rajesh,
Thanks for ur constant efforts in helping small investors like us.Of lately i have started thinking about investing in mutual funds.What do you suggest?will it be correct to invest 0n a 50-50 basis in equities and mutual funds.If yes then please give some brief ideas about the good mutual funds.Much is being talked abt HDFC and FRANLIN tempelton mutual funds and recently abt SBI blue chip.What do u suggest.

I am sorry that i posted this on the blog dedicated for JET but then i thought that this is also worth pondering.

Are you suggesting to enter into jet at the current levels??

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Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Ashutosh,
Thanks for your patronage of the blog.When you invest in mutual fund (unless the debt fund), you are indirectly investing in equities. So the call you have to take is whether you have sufficient time and expertise to manage your portfolio on your own. If not then mutual fund is a good way to put the money in equities.

I am not suggesting an entry into Jet. It should be your take.I just provided the insight into the development that took place.