IPO Update : Beeyu Overseas

Good Stock, Modest Listing!
The Beeyu Overseas stock has listed yesterday on BSE . Though the stock touched a high of Rs.20 as compared to offer price of Rs.14, it could not sustain it and closed at Rs.16.
Investment Guru recommeds investors with long term mindset to hold to the stock. This stock will give a decent return in long run. Investment Guru puts a Rs.50 tag on this stock with 12-15 months perspective.

Happy Investing !


hits7 said...

Rajesh ji
One query i dont get any dividends for any shares i have in my portfolio like sonata,ntpc,bhart shipyard etc..i wud like to know how to follow the dividend process and when exactly are they issued after declaration.Also havent yet got refund for provogue and beeyu wat can be done in that shud i wait or email them or call?

Rajesh Soni said...

reagrding Hits7
Hi, If a dividend is declared by any of these companies, you should have got it. The companies normally post the dividend warrant on the address mentioned in your Demat accounts.
So check the address mentioned in your demat account. Same case with refund orders.

Second (dont take it seriously!)you should be at home whne the postman comes to deliver. Normally these guys send back the warrants as undelivered and they keep lying withe the registrars unless somebody calls them or write to them.

I would advice you to call up the registrar of Provogue and Beeyu IPO's to know where is your refund order lying.


Rahul Munjal said...

Better call them and place an email too. This will mobilise the process. Mention your application number and all and they will refund that.

For the dividends u can refer the registrars of respective companies regarding the dates (incase u feel u missed out).

Also, check the mailing address in ur demat account. If its wrong, u need to change it by providing an identity proof and an address proof to the demat bank/service.

Hope this is useful.


Anonymous said...

I was very confused abt this subject. Can anyone expliains the topic of Bonus and the record date. If someone has a good knowledge of the subject then plz ans. my following queries:

1. What is record date. What is its significance.

2.''Is it possible to predict the last date on which if the shares were brought(still two days away from getting credited in DEMAT a/c), make one elegible for Bonus.

3. Is their any minimum period (before and after Recorddate/decleretiondate) for which one has to have shares in his DEMAT a/c to be elegible for Bonus.
If their is no such period then...Am I right in saying''you should have to have share in ur DEMAT just on(/after3:30) recordDate(that means one can buy just two days prior to record date and can sell them just one day prior to record date)to be elegible for Bonus.''That simple???

4. Can someone explain the fineprints of this issue along with what should be the latest date of buying and earliest date of selling to be elegible for bonus. That is how to trade for a perticuler stock if the sole purpose is to get bonus(blocking your money for the minimum period).

5. Do all the companies gives bonus in check form? Or are their companies which directly credit it to your bank a/c(OR DEMAT A/c)? What is the normal duration of credit of bonus after decleretion/RecordDate?

6. Anything more on this topic which you think is important...any suggestion etc.

Thanks and Regards,

KS said...

here's my practical experience with record date. Bought LANEXESS ABS just a day before the record date of special dividend. Within a week, i got the hefty bonus of 8 rs per share. But at what price. I had bought it at 154. After the record date, it tumbled to 130 and before i knew it, it was down to 110. Even an additional dividend of 1.25 or something only brought it back 120.

Bottomline, record date is the day, from company's perspective, your name should figure on the company's shareholder's list. From your perspective, you should have your shares in delivered or in your DP/DMAT account.


Rahul Munjal said...

When is Yes Bank expected to refund the amount?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments KS. But you have given me your prectical exper.. What I need is answers in more detail- I think Rajesh will be able to help me out in this.

KS if you see in my Query on this subject in queryNo 3 saying''you should have to have share in ur DEMAT just on(/after3:30) recordDate(that means one can buy just two days prior to record date and can sell them just one day prior to record date)to be elegible for Bonus.''That simple???

If anyone has anything to share on this topic..I will really apretiate that.Plz ans. point by point that will realy help.

Thanks and Regards,

Nitin Sharma said...

This is in regard to Record Date/ Ex-Bonus/ Ex-Dividend date (refered as Record Date).

On Record dates the share will become ex-dividend/ex-bonus. So a person buying on this date will not get any Dividend/Bonus. Although one who buys a day before record date will be entitled for the same even though he/she will get the shares after 2 days.

Same case holds for SELL. A person selling on record date will also be entitled for bonus/dividend as he was in the company's books on the bonus/dividend date( A day before record date).

Hope this answers your querie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments Nitin.This is what I have understood from ur ans.:
''A person becomes elegible for bonus even if he buys one day before the RecordDate(that means companies Rec. book gets updated after EOB(3:30) one day prior to Record date)''
''their is no minimum period (before and after Recorddate) for which one has to have shares in his DEMAT a/c to be elegible for Bonus''
''If the sole purpose is to get Bonus then one can buy a day before the record date and sell on record date(ofcourse with risk of Short Delevery)''
But this only party ans. my ques.(it answers point 2 & 3).I still need to get answers to point 1(theoritical ans./book definition),4,5,6. But still it will help a lot to enhance my(/other readers) knowledge on this subject.
Thanks and regards,

Rahul Munjal said...

Just got the Yes Bank refund :)

Nitin Sharma said...

I didn't saw your whole quesion before.

4. same principal of buying a day before ex-bonus date holds true here. No fine prints.

5. In case of dividends you can get it directly in the bank acc. registered with Demat Acc. Or you can get a Warrant which you have to deposit in the bank to get the credit. This depends on the dividend paying company how it wants the dibrusial. In case of bonus issues if your Demat Account details are with company bonus shares will be directly credited to your Account. Otherwise you will get a physical certificate.

6. http://www.investopedia.com/articles/02/110802.asp

IPO Guru said...

If you want bonus, you should buy the share sufficiently before the record date. Though in principle you can buy just 2 days before, I would suggest 5 days as a safe margin.

Now if you sell it on record date you will get very low price. On the record date it becomes exbonus the price will become 1/3 or 1/4 depending on the bonus ratio.

I hope this will clarify your doubt.


Rajesh Soni said...

Thanks Guys for the team work you have shown in sharing info.
Keep it up on this blog
Cheers !